“Delicate Blooms”

Delicate Blooms

One more from my friends yard. These are some type of begonia. The image was taken in the sunlight but most of the blooms were in the shade. I had to wait for the sun to come out from the clouds and then shoot quickly. The wind was also blowing about 10 to 15 mph which made it tough. Your best bet is a fast shutter and on burst. The ISO was 1600 and still only 1/125th at f19.

“Rose Remains”

Rose Remains

One of my favorite subjects are roses past their prime. I have been photographing them for years. I guess most roses in bloom are relatively the same, but as they die they all look totally different. They lose their color and wither differently from rose to rose. I love to photograph roses period but give me the dying ones, they have much more character.