“Merry Christmas”

Merry Christmas

You may wonder about the title of this post, the tag on the dress says “Merry Christmas”. This was the only house I found all morning that had access to the inside. It was a cool home with great light and some great subject matter as well. The old white dress on the plastic covered mattress was the best by far. I had to close the front door to eliminate flare with the 24-70mm. I love the way the light is skimming across the dress. The image was made near Heflin Alabama.

“Green Lumber”

Green Lumber

Another image from East Alabama. I ran across this old abandoned house on a dirt road last week. I really liked the green boards and the stacked lumber. The light was beginning to break through the clouds and was really nice. I stayed here for about an hour and just rambled around. There is nothing like a good road trip to spawn a little creativity.