“Before Daylight”

Before Daylight

I was sitting at the pavilion eating breakfast when this truck pulled up way before daylight. Out jumped this little girl in her pajamas, barefooted and went running across the oyster shell parking lot and straight out into the water at her daddy’s boat. It took me back to my childhood when you worried about nothing and nothing really bothered you. She was laughing and having the time of her life early this morning. Rarely do you even see children up at this time of morning this day and age much less ready to go and enjoy life at 6am.

“First Oystermen”

First Oystermen

This is one of the first images I made on our trip out into the gulf last Thursday on the workshop. We hadn’t even made it to the oystermen yet, but the sky was so pretty I tried one from long distance. The water was a little rough and it made for some unsharp images, but the ones we got were great. The choppy water adds interest to the images, but it is very hard to keep your balance and get sharp images especially early when there is not a lot of light.