“Bob’s Place”

I began photographing here in 2007 while visiting my old high school friend Mike Feagans in South Carolina. I spent a few hours early one morning wandering around the bar. Later I found out it was the longest continuous bar open in the state. A day later I met the owner Ms. Romaine and managed to photograph inside the bar.

This same afternoon after much talking I managed to get Ms. Romaine to sit for a portrait inside the bar. It was not an easy task but was well worth the effort.

In 2015 I was back to visit again and was able to catch a great portrait of her again. She was 91 years old at the time and still running the bar. She would probably kill me if she saw this portrait but I love it.

Well last Saturday we headed up to try and photograph the interior one more time and hope to get a portrait of Ms. Romaine again since she is now 93 years old. It was on of the saddest days I have experienced lately.

It had burned down 2 weeks earlier. I know there are a lot of bikers who will miss this great place. I have so many memories of it and will miss it greatly too. The stage across the street has a few pieces that they were able to remove from the ashes and bikers have begun to hang dollar bills from the ceiling in memory. I doubt she had any insurance and it will probably never be rebuilt.

I know at her age she must be devastated, it is all she has known for so long. Say a little prayer for her. I will stop by and see her the next time I’m there.