An image from Jane’s in Villa Rica, Georgia. The slogan for Jane’s is “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it”. She has everything you could possibly imagine. I spent a few hours here photographing in 2014, she has since closed I think. The image is her grandson who was helping her continue to remain open. It was a place like no other. You could barely move up and down the aisles for all the merchandise.

“Fallen Ceiling”

I have been experimenting with Lightroom’s HDR merge on some old files. The results seem to be a little more real. I have used Photomatix Pro for about 11 years but I am liking the Lightroom results. This is one of my favorite images from 2009, also one of my first HDRs that I really liked.

I have been gone from the website for a while and have suffered from a creative block along with some minor health issues. I am back and hope to post more often.