“U. S. Barn Morning”

One more from the barn down the street. The light was amazing this morning and I was able to capture the bright warmth of it. I only wish I could have gotten there about 2 weeks earlier when the morning sun was on the flag. Better late than never.

“U. S. Barn”

Early morning at a neighbors barn down the street from my home. I had been looking at this barn for quite a while, always thinking I would love to spend a morning photographing here. Well I finally stopped in and asked the lady who owns it if I could come by early one morning. She already owns some of my work so she was ok with it. I spent about an hour and a half and got some good images, this is one of my favorites.


Here are a few images from a controlled burn close to my house a few weeks back. I stopped and talked to Travis to be sure it was ok to photograph while they were burning. He gave me the go ahead. I stayed for about 30 minutes trying to capture some cool images. Here are a few of the best.