“Five Leaved Jack in the Pulpit”

I had to wait 2 years for this to bloom again but it was 3 times the size of 2 years ago. I won’t say these are rare but they are very hard to spot when they are there. They blend in so well with there surroundings. I was standing 4 feet from this one, knowing where it should be, and only found it by seeing the pale bottom of the bloom. I thought how in the hell did you almost miss this flower. I am very glad I didn’t miss it this year. Great image, I love the black and white because it shows all the beauty without all the color distraction.

“Haralson County Trout Rodeo”

A few images from the Trout Rodeo last Saturday at Smith Farms in Bremen, GA. It is only 5 minutes from my house and yet this is the first time I’ve been here. It was an amazing morning watching all the kids and seniors catching fish. They were delighted. There were probably around a thousand or two folks out and having a great time. As you can see from some of the fish they weren’t just stock sized fish. If you were there and would like to see all the images, here is the link.