Workshop Testimonials

Rob Hale – Apalachicola Spring 2015.

Mike Nalley did a great job on the spring 2015 Forgotten Coast workshop. This area is not new to me having visited yearly since for the last 7 or 8 years, but Mike was able to take us to places I had never thought of and we were able to get great shots of sunrises, sunsets, local people, landscapes, and the local boats…from small oyster boats to the larger shrimp boats.
We started before sunrise and ended after sunset. We were even able to take a boat ride out onto the Apalachicola Bay and get some great shots of the oystermen at work. Pretty cool.
If you want to shoot this area with some great detail and get a feeling of the local folks and lifestyle, you cannot do better than this workshop.


Sally Hale – Apalachicola Spring 2015

Many thanks to Mike Nalley for the wonderful workshop in Apalachicola. Mike took us to sites we would never have gone on our own. His familiarity with the area and locals provided us with a venue for excellent and unique images. I can honestly say my photography skills have improved noticeably since Mike’s workshop. Looking forward to attending more in the future!

Heather Finley – Apalachicola Spring 2015, Many Others

If you would like the opportunity to capture unique photographs- then I would highly recommend attending one of Mike Nalley’s workshops. He has taught me to see people and places through the camera in a more artistic way. At each workshop I have learned something new, improving my skills. I recently attended the Apalachicola Spring 2015 workshop. Mike’s knowledge of the people and the area afforded unique opportunities to photograph the area and people. We spent some time in Tate’s Hell in the swamp and an early morning in a boat in Apalachicola Bay photographing the oystermen at work. All of my good photographs have been captured at one of Mike’s workshops- he has taken me to places that I would never have found myself. I look forward to the next outing!!


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