“Mom’s Ashes”

Many thanks to Vinson Smith for the images of me spreading Mom’s ashes. It was a sad but fulfilling day as I put Mom exactly where my Dad’s ashes were. They absolutely loved St. George Island and could be found there twice a year sitting on the beach surf fishing. I know they are happy to be together again even if it was only their ashes. I always try to find time to go there when I am down in Apalachicola. Headed down soon even in the heat!!


I drive by this tiny puddle almost every day and rarely are the cows in it. As I passed I glanced over and saw this. I had to go a ways up the road before I could turn around. I also had to get the camera set so if they moved I could grab one shot anyways. As I got out of the car I could hear other cows in puddles hidden behind the brush. I ran across the road and as expected I got one shot before they began to leave the puddle. I will be looking every time I pass from noew on. I got the shot at least.