“RIP Mitchell”

I just heard that Mitchell Cain passed away last November. He was always one of my favorite subjects when I was in Apalachicola. Any of you who came to any of my workshops will remember him, we always photographed him at some time during the workshop. I was not surprised to hear he was gone, he was never in great health. You will be missed!!

“Norm Paschal”

I just saw a post on Facebook that Norm was in Hospice care and wanted to post this image from 2014. He and I made a trip to Apalachicola together for a few days. His back was really bad and he toughed his way through the trip. He wanted to come down with me and experience the “People of the Bay” the way I did. He had a great time even though he didn’t get to photograph the way he would have liked. We spent a lot of time with the oystermen and fishermen for the few days we had. I hope he is still remembering our trip. I am!!