“Temporary Home”

An old image from back in 2011 at Pullman Yard. We had gone over to do some photographing and exploring when we ran across some folks from Baltimore. They had traveled here by all kinds of means and were staying at Pullman Yard for a few days. This image got passed over back then and while quarantined I ran across it. An image that I did process and print for myself is below.

“The End”

My House

My House After

Well another chapter ends as another one opens. I lived here for 12 years and although it had its challenges, I really loved it. The home had a lot of history, my brother passed away in this house in 2002, I survived a divorce in 2003 – 2004 and my father passed away in 2008.The Georgia Dept. of Transportation bought me out in November 2014 a week after the Apalach workshop. I always worried that the huge tree would fall on the house, well you missed your chance. I began my new found photography career here over the years and what a blessing that was. Well it is gone and now I start anew in a different location. Things change and so will I.