“Macon 2011”

I was looking for an image for the National Parks Conservation Association a few days back and I came across this image from the trip down. It was captured late that night around 10pm. We were just walking around town grabbing a few more shots before heading home. Came across this guy roaming also and made a couple images. This one was really good.

“Homeless With Pride”

Terry Cason is homeless in Macon and has found a place to stay in an abandoned warehouse. You can see that there is no lack of pride in terry by the place he has made for himself. He has spent quite some time searching for anything usable around town and has made a wonderful home for himself even though homeless. The place was as clean as a pin and very well kept. The owner knows that Terry is here and is glad because Terry keeps the place so nice. When we arrived Terry was busy sweeping the floors and straightening all the stuff. I really hope Terry finds a job and can go back to a place of his own. I have photographed homeless people in a lot of cities and towns across the south, but I have never seen anyone take such great care of the place they are staying during hard times.

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