“Make My Day”

I was working on some prints for my show at Douglasville Cultural Arts Center and ran across this image from Apalachicola Bay. My friend Vinson Smith and I were out on the bay photographing the oystermen and he had a model for some nude work later on. When we approached Roger he said she could come on the boat and tong for oysters. We then asked if she could get nude, he said yes expecting that we were kidding. He and his helper had a blast with this.

“Prayers For Apalachicola”

I just wanted to ask everyone to pray for safety for all my friends in the Apalachicola Bay area. They are gonna get the hardest part of hurricane Michael. Being on the east side means the highest winds and storm surge. I hope all my friends get out or at least to a shelter. My prayers are with all of you. BE SAFE PLEASE.